What Is FSTINet?

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The California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA) and the Fire Services Training Institute (FSTI), in mutual agreement with the Los Angeles Area Fire Marshal’s Association (LAAFMA), are pleased to announce two new communication networks, FSTINet and CalArsonNet. These two lists will be a free service to fire professionals in California. FSTINet will address training issues and the CalArsonNet will focus on arson investigation issues. The new networks join the already successful LAAFMA Discussion List network of with more than 900 members in California.

FSTINet is a informational communication network where one member can post an email message via a secure server which is then sent directly to the email in box of every member within the FSTINet network. The list will provide an instant communication tool and resource asset for members on the secure roster of each respective network.

Membership to FSTINet is aimed primarily at fire and public safety training professionals. The intent is to bring together fire safety professionals, department training officers, public and private safety training personnel, and others under the FSTINet program which is dedicated to coordinating and providing statewide fire training opportunities and assistance.

Upon start-up, CalArsonNet will consist of the current members of the LAAFMA ArsonNet list with the intended expansion statewide to other active arson fire investigators, peace officers, forensic personnel, legal entities and specific government agencies that are actively engaged in the investigation and prosecution of arson cases, thus ArsonNets’s recent name change to CAlArsonNet. An approval process of those desiring access to this list will be overseen by the CSFA Arson Committee and LAAFMA. CSFA and FSTI are proud to join the Los Angeles Area Fire Marshal’s Association in providing these valuable tools to the fire and public safety community.

FSTINet List Sign Up