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LAAFMA Communications & Discussion Network

The LAAFMA network provides instant communication and informational exchange to all members subscribing to the list.

The following are the guidelines for the discussion lists – FSTINet, LAAFMA net and CalArsonNet. These guidelines will be amended periodically. There is no charge for this service but you must be an FSTI member.

What Is The LAAFMA Discussion List?

The Fire Services Training Institute, in conjunction with the Los Angeles Area Fire Marshals Association (LAAFMA) sponsors three e-mail delivery discussion lists dedicated to the professional fire and public safety training professional. It is a forum where a member can post a message via electronic mail and every other member of the list will receive that message.

The original network was employed on a local level in Los Angeles County for LAAFMA membership. The network was so beneficial that members, realizing the value to the entire fire service, voted in June, 2001 to open it to fire professionals throughout all of California. Currently, there are members from across California representing fire chiefs, fire marshals and their staff from more than 135 cities/districts/departments.

Who Administers The List?

LAAFMA has a standing committee of administrators who moderate the list. They monitor, maintain, modify, and enforce the protocols, guidelines, and membership of the list. They also provide the technical support when problems arise.

Who Is Eligible To Access The Network?

Membership in the discussion lists is limited primarily to fire, public safety and training professionals from fire departments,  districts, law enforcement, selected corporate fire and security organizations, and educational facilities throughout California. Representatives from government entities, code organizations, consultants, or other applicants to the list are approved on an individual basis by the Executive Board of the LAAFMA. These members are very limited in numbers and are accepted based upon their expertise, qualifications and potential to add dimension to the list. The membership roster will only contain names, addresses and departments of the membership for the exclusive use of the network members. The list will not be sold or otherwise made available to other parties. The list is for official business only will not be used for marketing.

What Is The Purpose & Intent Of The FSTINet Discussion List?

There are three primary objectives of this list:

  • Improve communication among training professionals within the California fire service.
  • Create a new informational and educational resource tool for fire professionals.
  • Provide an open forum for the exchange of views and opinions on issues that affect the California fire community.

In short, we hope this network will serve as a resource tool between training professionals. Network members have found answers and procedures from others.

What Are The Protocols & Good Etiquette Of The List?

The list is intended as a discussion vehicle for fire, law enforcement, security and public safety training issues. Members may argue, dispute, and constructively criticize in a respectful and professional manner. Personal attacks of individuals are not acceptable and will not be tolerated. There is no advertising of products that go beyond the “informational” stage. However, service announcements, public events of member benefit, fire organization minutes, position openings, are acceptable. Please check with an administrator if you are unsure about a posting.

The list is not a vehicle to conduct personal conversations not related to training related issues. Please do not send the “How are you” or similar posts to the list. Personal notes should be sent directly to your correspondent. A personal exchange over the list is not of interest to all the other members. Also, requests to “fax a copy or call me” should be handled off line. Every post has the sender’s mail address.

Additionally, while there is software that identifies and screens out key words of messages like “out of office and vacation”, please remove the list posting address from your auto mail responses while you are gone.

The network is monitored by administrators who will remove inappropriate messages and members if the situation warrants it.

Is Political Activity Permitted?

No. FSTI is a California non-profit, tax exempt, public benefit corporation. As such, political activity in any form is not permitted. Such activity is grounds for immediate termination of membership of network membership.

How Do I Post To A Message?

When posting a new message use the list address of fstinet@lists.rpmwin.com. All new messages must have a subject title entered before the message is accepted for delivery to the list.

How Do I Reply To A Post?

To reply, simply click on reply. It is important to note that members should reply to an existing thread of the original message and not create a new message when responding. This will keep the integrity of the original message intact and allow anyone else to follow in order of the response. This will also allow a member not interested in the post to delete that same subject title without having to open it.

Who Pays For The List?

LAAFMA sponsors the costs associated with the list. However, as the member list increases and because the costs are directly related to the number of messages sent, the overall costs will rise. As new members are added, it has been explained that at some point in the future these increased costs could be shared by all, which would be very nominal and optional, without loss of membership.

What About Adding New Members?

If you know someone who would like to join the list just have them join FSTI. THe network is a membership benefit. Questions can be directed to the membership administrator at mike.williams@cafsti.net. Applicants will be required to provide their name and title, agency, address, telephone number, agency MACS-ID, FDID Number, website address and email address.

Who Do I Contact If I Experience Problems?

For reporting problems contact: Fire Services Training Institute c/o LAAFMA P.O. Box 341256 Los Angeles, CA 90064 or email mike.williams@cafsti.net.

If you have any suggestions or additional information you think would enhance the performance of this list, please contact Mike Williams at FSTI, (888) 977-1635, Bob Gebel, Torrance Fire Department at (310) 618-2973, or Jim Anderson, San Marino Fire Department at (626) 300-0078.