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“El Programa de Alertar y Preparar LISTOS es completamente gratuito.”

Alertar y Preparar LISTOS and California for All LISTOS has moved to a new home. The new and improved website is designed specifically for LISTOS programs. In addition, all of the curriculum and much of the supporting materials are currently being updated. Consequently, the document download links below have been removed. All updated materials will be posted on the new site.

This page will remain operational as we migrate to the new website. Please contact Liliana Encinas or call 888-977-1635 if you require further information.

For further local LISTOS program information:

Region 1 – Northern California Regional Program Lead Jim Yoke
Region 2 – Central California Regional Program Lead Cecilia Herrera and Elizabeth Martinez
Region 3 – Southern California Regional Program Lead Irma Herrera

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Alertar y Preparar LISTOS

CERT in Other Languages and How to Reach Other Demographics” was first presented by FSTI Alertar y Preparar LISTOS Executive Program Manager Liliana Encinas at the 2016 National CERT Conference in Los Angeles. This session provided an overview of effective communication requirements, techniques for respectfully communicating with individuals who have diverse needs and hands-on experience using non-English communication methods including introduction to Alertar y Preparar LISTOS.

Alertar y Preparar LISTOS MEDIA

June 19, 2018, Community Alert Show-KZSB AM-1290
Alertar y Preparar LISTOS Program Manager Liliana Encinas and Aware & Prepare Chair Jim Caesar discuss the LISTOS program.

May 17, 2016 Community Alert Show-KZSB AM-1290
Liliana Encinas talks about local LISTOS programs and the Alertar y Preparar program.

June 28, 2016 Community Alert Show-KZSB AM-1290
San Francisco Fire Department Lt. Erica Arteseros and UCSB Emergency Manager Jim Caesar join Community Alert to talk about the LISTOS workshop and how the program supports the community.

Liliana Encinas Alertar y Preparar LISTOS Featured Video


Alertar y Preparar LISTOS Program Managers and Instructors may register here for unlimited access to program and instructor materials. Once approved, program managers and instructors can download Spanish and English manuals, promotional materials and instructional aids. All Alertr y Preparar and California for All materials are provided pursuant to a Creative Commons license agreement at no charge and may not be sold. approved programs are also eligible for CalOES grant funded reimbursements.

ABOUT Alertar y Preparar LISTOS

Alertar y Preparar LISTOS is a grass-roots, basic emergency and disaster readiness public education program for Spanish-speaking populations. The Alertar y Preparar LISTOS program is comprised of the following discussion topics:

  • People organized for the benefit and support of their own community
  • Four consecutive discussions about the basic ideas of preparedness
  • Empower participants to educate their family, coworkers, classmates and personal networks
  • Discussions and consideration of cultural sensitivities
  • Crate and utilize interactive discussion learning environment

The Fire Services Training Institute assumed the Orfalea Fund’s public-private partnership Aware & Prepare LISTOS program in a formal transfer of ownership in January 2016. FSTI filed the dba Alertar y Preparar to continue the success of the Santa Barbara based Aware & Prepare programs with agreements already developed throughout California, Mexico and Chile. All other Aware & Prepare programs can be found here.

For information on how you can start a Alertar y Preparar LISTOS program in your community email: .


LISTOS was a direct result of an Aware & Prepare Initiative round-table discussion between community leaders and community based organizations that worked with non-English speaking populations. The topic of the discussion included non-English speaking populations in emergency and disaster situations. As a follow-up to this round-table, and since the specific area of Spanish speakers and disaster preparedness was scarcely being addressed, Aware & Prepare initiated the development of a basic community readiness pilot program for Spanish speaking populations that became known as LISTOS.

The goal of this program is to provide very basic resources to Latino populations for emergency readiness in an environment which they feel comfortable. LISTOS is modeled after various programs including a Spanish-language community readiness program Promotores hosted in Carpinteria, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) curriculum and Spanish CERT. Instruction includes the following:

  • Identifying Vulnerabilities
  • Creating Reunification and Communication plan
  • Important Document Back-Up
  • Utilities Shut-Off
  • Fire Extinguisher Use
  • Triage
  • Disaster Medicine
  • Team Organization
  • Disaster Psychology


Anyone may access and use these eBooks. However, you must be a registered member to be able to download and access all Alertar y Preparar LISTOS materials. All Alertary y Preparar LISTOS materials are available at no charge and may not be sold.

  • Alertar y Preparar LISTOS Manual del Instructor, 2a Edicion
  • Alertar y Preparar LISTOS Manual del Participante, 2a Edicion
  • Alertar y Preparar LISTOS Instructor Manual – English, 2nd Edition
  • Alertar y Preparar LISTOS Participant Manual, 2nd Edition



The following Alertar y Preparar LISTOS programs are currently approved:

  • City of Berkeley – Khin Chin (Alameda County)
  • City of Hayward (Alameda County)
  • City of Livermore (Alameda County)
  • Alameda County Fire Department – Jill Dutchover (Alameda County)
  • Oakland Fire Department – Gustavo Gonzalez (Alameda County)
  • City of Brentwood (Contra Costa County)
  • Concord Police Department – (Contra Costa County)
  • City of Richmond, Genevieve Pastor-Cohen (Contra Costa County)
  • City of San Pablo – Andrea Barte (Contra Costa County)
  • Americorps Bakersfield – Elizabeth Martinez (Kern County)
  • Americorps Los Angeles – Andrea Velasquez & Lilia Velasco (Los Angeles County)
  • Americorps Pomona – Yesenia Miranda Meza (Los Angeles County)
  • Los Angeles County OEM – Mariela Balam (Los Angeles County)
  • City of Long Beach – Ana Jimenez (Los Angeles County)
  • City of Pasadena – Sandra Spenrod (Los Angeles County)
  • Napa City Fire Department, Erick Hernandez (Napa County)
  • Costa Mesa Fire Department – Brenda Emrick (Orange County)
  • City of Moreno Valley – Zuzzette Ricker (Riverside County)
  • County of San Bernardino OES – Denise School (San Bernardino County)
  • City of Fontana – Irma Herrera (San Bernardino County)
  • City of Ontario – Raymond Cheung (San Bernardino County)
  • City of Redlands – Esther Martinez (San Bernardino County)
  • City of Rancho Cucamonga – Denisse School (San Bernardino)
  • City of Rialto – Gil Diaz (San Bernardino County)
  • Chula Vista CERT – Michelle Santana Jasso (San Diego)
  • City of National City – Walter Amedee (San Diego)
  • San Francisco Fire Department – Captain Erica Arteseros (San Francisco County)
  • City of Paso Robles – Stephanie Ponti – (San Luis Obispo County)
  • City of Goleta – Mimi Audelo (Santa Barbra County)
  • Guadalupe Fire Department – Patrick Shmitz (Santa Barbara County)
  • New Cuyama Valley FRC – Martha Yepez (Santa Barbara County)
  • Santa Barbara Fire Department – Liliana Encinas (Santa Barbara County)
  • Santa Maria Fire Department – Roy Dugger (Santa Barbara County)
  • City of Goleta – Michael Baris (Santa Barbra County)
  • University of California-Santa Barbara – Jim Caesar (Santa Barbara County)
  • City of Morgan Hill – Jennifer Ponce (Santa Clara County)
  • City of Mountain View – Nancy Ducos (Santa Clara County)
  • Santa Clara County Office of Emergency Management – Graciela Hernandez (Santa Clara County)
  • City of Sunnyvale – Ryan Yin (Santa Clara County)
  • City of Modesto (Stanislaus County)
  • Americorps Ventura – Samuel Nader (Ventura County)

The following jurisdictions are approved but have yet to formalize their programs:

  • San Diego County – Candace Hadley (San Diego County)
  • City of Norwalk – Raquel Vernola (Los Angeles County)
  • City of San Jose – Garciela Hernandez (Santa Clara County)
  • Redwood City – Christy Adonis (San Mateo)
  • UCLA – (Los Angeles County)

The following jurisdictions are awaiting approval and program development:

  • City of Santa Ana (Orange County)
  • City of Fresno (Fresno County)
  • City of Bakersfield (Kern County)
  • City of Modesto (Stanislaus County)
  • City of Sacramento (Sacramento County)
  • City of Sunnyvale (Santa Cruz County)
  • City of Calexico (Imperial County)


Individual program funding within California is available through FSTI. Additional information and application information is posted on the new Alertar y Preparar and California for All LISTOS website. There are limitations and restrictions that may apply.

Alertar y Preparar LISTOS is funded in part by the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Grant Sub-award 2016-0102, EP6001 and EP8001.

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The LISTOS logo was designed by Gabriel Nordyke for Aware & Prepare and used with permission.
Alertar y Preparar is a division of the Fire Services Training Institute and a member of the Aware & Prepare Executive Committee.
Alertar y Preparar LISTOS programs are coordinated by the Aware & Prepare Education Committee.


LilianaLiliana es la Coordinadora de las Iniciativas Latinas y Alcance Organizacional de Preparación para Emergencias para el Condado de Santa Barbara, a través de la Iniciativa Aware & Prepare (Alerta y Prepara).

Ella también es la Especialista en Educación Pública para Departamento de Bomberos en la ciudad de Santa Barbara. Ha trabajado durante más de una década con la comunidad latina en el condado de Santa Bárbara, proporcionando alcance, trabajo social, desarrollo de programas e iniciativas y la promoción del bienestar general.

Se ha desempeñado como Directora de Servicios Humanos en La Casa de La Raza, una organización no lucrativa local y como contratista independiente para la Oficina del Manejo de Emergencias del Condado de Santa Barbara.

Liliana también consulta con CalOES y CalVolunteers en la Capacitación para la Preparación de Emergencias para la comunidad Latina; Listos.

Ella es una de las dos capacitadoras estatales certificadas por el Estado de California, para la capacitación de capacitadores CERT, en la Lengua Española; así como en el idioma Inglés.
Ella trabaja como voluntaria en diversas capacidades para varias organizaciones no lucrativas y escuelas locales que prestan asesoramiento para servir mejor a su electorado latino.

Ella es un intérprete y traductor estatal certificada en los idiomas español/ inglés.
888-977-1635, 111


18 August 2019
Governor’s Office of Emergency Services Office of Emergency Services Sub-award Grant 2016-0102
California Volunteers Grants: EP8001 & EP6001