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Firefighter EssentialsFounded in Trinity County California, Project Trinity was designed to bring standardized NFPA-1000 Firefighter 1 training to the rural volunteer fire service. Currently, the program includes distributing text books and the FSTI Volunteer Firefighter Training Syllabus at no charge to participating agencies. The program is supported by an extensive automated library within this website. With the introduction of the “6th Edition of Essentials of Firefighting” Project Trinity will introduce on-line web based distribution with Memorandums of Agreement signed by associations and individual departments representing firefighters throughout California and Nevada.

FSTI has entered into formal agreements with the Oklahoma State University, International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA), Jones and Bartlett Publishing and Deer Valley Press for significantly reduced text book and supporting materials pricing. These publishers have agreed to provide electronic materials at no charge to those organizations who have signed MOA’s with FSTI. These agreements include license agreements for use of program materials extend to MOA signers.

Benjamin Franklin is credited with starting the American fire service and the American insurance industry. Clearly, one compliments the other because insured property needs to be protected. Supporting the relationship between the insurance industry and the American fire service, Farmers Insurance was principal sponsor of the program from 2008 through 2017.

It is essential that fire fighters receive consistent and uniformed training regardless of their classification of career, seasonal, part-time, extra help, paid call or volunteer. In support of “Mission Alignment” and “2020,” the  California Fire Service Training and Education Systems (CFSTES) meets the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress and the Pro Board Fire Service Professional Qualifications System (Pro Board) requirements. These standards are reasonable but challenging for the volunteer fire service because of costs and the time commitment required. Project Trinity is designed to help rural volunteer fire departments overcome these challenges.

Fire Services Training Institute COVER SHEETIt is not the intent of this program to subsidize the entire firefighter training program on behalf of student firefighters but to facilitate the uniformed distribution of training materials.

The current program serves volunteer departments within California. However, with additional funding, FSTI hopes to sign MOA’s with departments from other states and Mexico. Funding is the only limitation to our ability to expand the program.

Project Trinity is an ongoing program. Program expansion plans include, but are not limited to, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexico and Arizona.

Other projects that FSTI is engaged that compliments Project Trinity include the following:


FSTI, Deer Valley Press and the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) is pleased to announce the release of, Firefighters Handbook on Wildland Firefighting, Strategy, Tactics and Safety, Fourth Edition, (2018), published by Fire Protection Publications under the supervision of William Teie, Deer Valley Press and Mike Williams, FSTI. The 4th Edition includes a new chapter and inclusion of the most current NFPA and NWCG requirements for wildland firefighting.


Workshop InformationVolunteer Fire Management & Leadership Workshops: “One Size Does Not Fit All” is a specialized course of instruction designed to assist chiefs and administrators of small volunteer companies. Classes are held over two weekends to better meet the time limitations of many smaller departments. The workshops are based on principles and best management practices for complying with requirements essential to running a small volunteer organization. In conjunction with fore California State Fire Marshal Ronny J. Coleman, FSTI has developed a program syllabus and training materials to support this leadership program. The original program was funded by Motorola Solutions Foundation Grant program.

Rural Fire Service Fire Service Leadership Recruitment & Retention Workshop: For over four years, FSTI supported the California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA) Volunteer Committee’s volunteer workshops providing educational materials to volunteer fire fighters in Northern California. This program was funded by a FEMA/DHS Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) grant secured by CSFA.


“Table Talk with Ronny J. Coleman” ( Ronny J. Coleman is the former California State Fire Marshal and past chair of the California State Firefighters’ Association (CSFA) Volunteer Committee. “Table Talk with Ronny J. Coleman” is a series of 30 minute programs based on his book “Chief’s Clipboard, 20 Years of Ronny J. Coleman.”

Community Alert Radio Program: FSTI is a co-sponsor of the radio program Community Alert on KZSB – AM 1290, a public preparedness awareness show hosted by Mike Williams and Ted Adams. Airing live once and repeating five times throughout the week, the radio program is also available on demand via the Internet.  Community Alert features interviews with public safety and community leaders focusing on citizen awareness and preparation. The sponsorship has also allowed for the production of several Internet based television programs.

FSTI Volunteer Library: As part of Project Trinity, FSTI operates an automated library within this website that contains over 11,000 training and operational documents for use by participating MOA signatories and and FSTI members.The site is supported and updated by FSTI, including the development of individual files for those organizations participating in Project Trinity.

FSTI Media Documentary Group: FSTI has a volunteer group that provides videography and photography for FSTI events and projects. The group produced four mini documentaries of FSTI projects. The group has archived over 120 hours of video in the past three years.

FSTINet: FSTINet is an automated mailing list serve  for training officers throughout California. The system is offered at no charge to agencies and educational organizations. FSTINet sends messages to over 350 subscribers within the fire service community. FSTINet one network in association with the Los Angeles Area Fire Marshal Association and California Arson Net.