Why the public may have the wrong opinion on home fire sprinklers–and what you can do to correct it

by FSTI | December 16, 2015 9:23 am

By Fred Durso, Jr. Home fire sprinklers may be the last thing on people’s minds. Or maybe they have the wrong impression on how these devices operate. Whatever the case, knowledge can surely be power. This article was written last year, but deserves to be resurrected for its succinct overview of the public’s many misconceptions on home fire sprinklers. A dose of education using these myth-busters can truly help shape public opinion about home fire sprinklers, a crucial life-saving device. Fire sprinklers are aesthetically unpleasant. Wrong! Per the article, the metal sprinklers hanging down from ceilings that people tend to see in public spaces…

Source:: NFPA – Fire Sprinkler Initiative[1]

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Source URL: https://www.cafsti.org/news/industry-news/why-the-public-may-have-the-wrong-opinion-on-home-fire-sprinklers-and-what-you-can-do-to-correct-it/