“Tiny homes” movement prompts NFPA to offer guidance on building and life safety components

by FSTI | April 11, 2017 12:37 pm

NFPA has released a new white paper, “Applying Building Codes to Tiny Homes.” The paper underscores general code requirements guiding traditional home construction and the applicability of these requirements for tiny homes. Code provisions highlighted in the paper include requirements for room size, means of escape, stairs, smoke alarms, and automatic fire sprinklers. The paper also highlights code provisions for sanitation and how the National Electrical Code® can safeguard homes of all sizes against electrical hazards.

Source:: NFPA – News Releases[1]

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Source URL: https://www.cafsti.org/news/industry-news/tiny-homes-movement-prompts-nfpa-to-offer-guidance-on-building-and-life-safety-components/