“Put a Freeze on Winter Fires” and “Project Holiday”: What’s the difference between the two campaigns?


By Susan McKelvey

“What’s the difference between ‘Put a Freeze on Winter Fires’ and ‘Project Holiday’?” That’s the question a few people have recently asked, and it’s one that’s worth clarifying, since there are some key differences between the two programs (as well as some crossover).

Our “Put a Freeze on Winter Fires” campaign with USFA promotes winter fire safety directly to the public, addressing the leading causes of fires and other hazards during the colder months and holiday season. This includes home heating, cooking, holiday decorating and carbon monoxide poisoning. The campaign runs from November through March, and features regular updates on both organizations’ websites.

“Project Holiday” – a program that’s hosted each year by our Public Education division – works to communicate holiday fire safety messaging through local fire departments. It provides a wide range of resources and information for fire departments to promote holiday-related fire safety in their communities. Materials include sample news releases, media advisories, and letters to the editor. “Project Holiday” also features a parent page with suggested family activities, along with age-appropriate games and activities for kids.

What “Put a Freeze on Winter Fires” and “Project Holiday” have in common is a commitment to educating the public about simple ways to stay safe from fire this holiday season. Check out both programs to find a wealth of related tips, information and resources.

Source:: NFPA – Safety Information

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