Play it safe with 9-volt battery precautions


By Lisa Braxton

When my husband and I adopted our kitten, Savannah, in the spring, we had no idea how exhausting she would be. In her world, playtime begins the moment we get home from work and doesn’t end until “lights out.” You can imagine what it’s like in our household on weekends.

To fight off pet burnout, we’ve invested in what are called energetic cat workout toys. These battery-powered mechanical devices have Savannah leaping through the air at a moving target, pouncing on rotating laser beams, and lunging at dashing and darting toy birds of prey, instead of climbing out of our second-story window, as she’s fond of attempting to do. Her toys use batteries; some require the 9-volt type. Needless to say we keep a supply on hand just in case one of those workout toys runs out of juice.

Because 9-volt batteries can be a fire hazard, I keep them in their original packaging until I’m ready to use them. I almost never have to use all of the batteries in Savannah’s toys at the same time so I put the leftovers in a place where they won’t get tossed around. I also store them upright.

NFPA’s 9-volt Battery Safety Tips sheet includes more information on using, storing, and disposing of 9-volt batteries safely.

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