NFPA grant helps fire department find new emphasis for public education


By Lisa Braxton

The Chambersburg Fire Department, in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, reports a successful year of fire prevention with the support of the Rolf H. Jensen Memorial Public Education Grant. In his final report to NFPA, Howard R. Leonard Jr., Emergency Services Chief, said the fire prevention team was especially pleased with the Remembering When program and found it be popular among older adult residents.

During 2014, Chambersburg Fire presented the program, “The Smoke Alarm is Sounding: Know What to Do.” The objective was to educate children under 12, parents, and older adults on escape planning, then conduct a fire drill with each group. The final objective was to install adequate smoke alarms in area homes.

Chief Leonard said the success of the program signals that it’s time to adjust the target demographic. In 2015, the fire department will target males 18 to 50 while continuing fire prevention education to children and older adults.

The deadline for applications for the next Rolf Jensen Grant is February 6, 2015.

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Source:: NFPA – Safety Information

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