NFPA decorates Christmas tree for safety


By Lisa Braxton

Fire safety is never far from the minds of NFPA staff members, even when it comes to choosing decorations for the organization’s Christmas tree.

The 12-foot artificial tree stands majestically in the lobby of NFPA headquarters, adorned with traditional ribbons, ornaments, and lights.

Anyone who takes a close look will notice an added feature rarely seen on a Christmas tree–fire safety equipment.

Smoke alarms and home fire sprinkler heads hang from the branches as a reminder of the important role these devices play in saving lives.

NFPA’s safety tips on smoke alarms tell us that smoke alarms should be installed inside and outside of each bedroom and sleeping area, and on every level of the home, including the basement.

It is best to use interconnected alarms. When one sounds, they all sound.

Home fire sprinklers protect lives by keeping fires small. Because of the quick reaction of the sprinkler system, it can reduce the heat, flames, and smoke produced in a fire, allowing people more time to escape.

While the NFPA Christmas tree is festive, upon closer inspection it also has some valuable messages to share.

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Source:: NFPA – Safety Information

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