Missouri advocates use media to sound the alarm on today’s home fires

by FSTI | May 12, 2015 8:32 am

By Fred Durso, Jr. Media reports are filtering in from Missouri, where fire safety advocates aren’t keeping quiet about the home fire problem there and need for a solution. In one news report, which ranked Missouri as the eighth deadliest state for fire deaths, a local fire chief utilized TV cameras to discuss the rapid response of sprinklers. More surprisingly, the same segment included homebuilder Randy Propst, who made the decision to install sprinklers in one of his new homes housing disabled adults. “There are places you choose to cut costs, but from a standpoint of safety, that’s not the place you try to…

Source:: NFPA – Fire Sprinkler Initiative[1]

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Source URL: https://www.cafsti.org/news/industry-news/missouri-advocates-use-media-to-sound-the-alarm-on-todays-home-fires/