A holiday tune strikes the right chord for fire safety planning


By Lisa Braxton

In acknowledgment of changes to the Ontario Fire Code, Barrie Fire and Emergency Services, in cooperation with Rogers TV, has created a new holiday video to thank the staff of care facilities for familiarizing themselves with their fire safety plan and conducting fire drills.

Ontario became the first province to require the retrofit of automatic sprinkler systems in what are termed “vulnerable” occupancies. These include care occupancies, care and treatment occupancies and licensed homes for older adults who may require assistance with daily living.

In the video, called “Close the Door,” fire safety lyrics are sung to the tune of a Christmas holiday classic, an entertaining and effective way to remind the public about escape planning. NFPA’s 2014 Fire and Life Safety Educator of the Year, Samantha Hoffmann, appears in the video.

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Source:: NFPA – Safety Information

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