FSTI Mission

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FSTI Motto

Adapt, Overcome, Improvise and Persevere.

Mission Statement

FSTI provides collaborative emergency preparedness training for the whole community.

Vision Statement

FSTI shall become a respected leader in the training of the California fire service, providing quality and uniform training throughout California, by improved communication, standards, practices and training.

The Great Truth

For standardized and quality training of the California fire service, it must be made affordable and easily available to the fire fighting community.

The Challenge

To assure availability and quality into the 21st century, the California fire service needs standardized training and certification. To achieve this goal, private industry and individual communities must actively support fire fighter training and fire prevention programs.

Corporate Structure

FSTI is a California non-profit, tax exempt, public benefit corporation based in Santa Barbara, California. FSTI is part of the California State Firefighters’ Association corporate family.

The National Response Framework

It is the intent of FSTI to promote and facilitate the National Response Framework by providing quality training for public safety so as to improve the overall emergency and disaster-response readiness of all first responders. All training programs, regardless of content, will stress the principals of the plan as well as compliance with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) and the Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS).