Dave Hubert


  At the beginning of the twentieth century a new form of firefighting was introduced with the advent of the horse-drawn steam fire engine.

This revolutionary technology gave firefighters the ability to pump thousands of gallons of water on a fire with a minimal crew, this changed everything.

As the Industrial Revolution continued and the advances of the internal combustion engine became commonplace, la nécessité pour les véhicules hippomobiles est devenu obsolète et l'ère romantique de la vapeur d'incendie disparu. L'histoire de Dave est sur la découverte, resurrection and restoration of a 1902 Fire Engine à vapeur américaine.

Le voyage qui a suivi est une source d'inspiration et étonnant. De quelques-unes des sources les plus improbables, pièce par pièce, cette icône américaine a été ramené à la vie. More

Dave Hubert

Dave Hubert

Dave “HUBIE” Hubert devoted over 31 years to the firefighting profession, serving in many different positions from firefighter, to Fire Defense Coordinator prior to his retirement in 1997 as Fire Captain from Orange County Fire Authority in Southern California. Throughout his career, Dave’s cartoons – named “HUBIEs” – have appeared in fire service magazines, decorating fire station walls, T-shirts as well as illustrations on everything from personalized birthday and retirement tributes to attention-getting humorous cartoons in fire training books including technical art for formal instruction manuals.

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