Michael S. Williams

Services médicaux d'urgence

“The dilemma in the fire/EMS protection is cultural. Eveyone expects an immediate, massive response wehn they dial 9-1-1, fire trucks paramedics, ambulances, planes, overhead, buldozers, etc. The level of service in a community is linked to its financial ability and desire to provide resources.”

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Michael S. Williams

Michael S. Williams

Williams a fondé l'Institut de formation des services d'incendie en 1995 pour trouver des solutions aux défis auxquels est confronté le service de pompiers volontaires. Il a été un membre actif de California State Association des pompiers (CSF) depuis 1994, ayant servi aux bénévoles et comités de relations publiques, et en tant que directeur adjoint de la division sud. Il est membre de plusieurs organisations locales, y compris le comté de Santa Barbara incendie Conseil Safe, les agents de formation trois comtés Association, Santa Barbara Chapter of CAER and is a founding member of the Santa Barbara PIO group Emergency Public Information Communicators (EPIC). He has been the author of many articles and a columnist for a local newspaper on public safety matters. He is also the co-host of Community Alert on KZSB AM-1290 in Santa Barbara. Williams has been a member of the California State Board of Fire Services since 2008. Prior to becoming involved in the volunteer fire service, Williams was a California police officer for 12 ½ years and a POST certified Field Training Officer. He is a licensed private investigator and security consultant specializing in self-insured, government and insurance defense assignments.