Prince George’s County Fire/ EMS– Firefighters are Community Helpers


Por Kelly Ransdell

The temperatures reached over 120 degrees inside the hot car as emergency crews arrived on the scene of the mock hot car incident at the Safe Kids Worldwide press event to mark National Heatstroke Prevention Day. Firefighters were there to reenact their efforts to save children if they have been left unattended in hot cars. Public Information Officer Mark E. Brady spoke to the crowd about how fire departments work in the community to help when an emergency arises and beyond. The newest music video from NFPA is Firefighters Are On Their Way and focuses on the many ways fire departments work to help families every day. Adicionalmente, our updates to the free downloadable Learn not to Burn Preschool curriculum contains a lesson plan for Firefighter are Community Helpers. As I watched the fire department spring into action on this HOT summer day- I was thankful for all the fire departments that help in emergencies as well as the educational efforts they do all year. High five Prince George’s County Fire/ EMS Department!

Fuente:: NFPA – Información de seguridad

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