Tener una película favorita que obtiene rociadores contra incendios de todo mal? Dinos

Por Fred Durso, Jr. Protección contra Incendios Revista Contratista (FPC) is currently asking its readers to submit titles of movies that perpetuate the longstanding myth that if one fire sprinkler activates, the rest follow. That fact is that these scenes, while trying to up the cinematic drama, aren’t factual in their depiction of sprinklers. In many of these fictional settings, the devices wouldn’t activate this way in the real world. Por ejemplo, there’s the 1995 movie Hackers, one of the submissions received from FPC. The lead character hacks into his high school’s database and sets asprinkler testduring school hours, thereby enacting all sprinkler

Fuente:: NFPA – Fire Sprinkler Initiative

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