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Table Talk Entrevistas

Table Talk is based on Chief Coleman’s book The Chief’s Clipboard – 20 Años de Ronny J. Coleman (2006). Organizado por Michael S. Williams, these interviews are set in active fire stations throughout California and cover various topics relating to the fire service including operations, prevention, training, leadership and management.

Introduction to Table Talk with Ronny J. Coleman

América Burning
Being an Officer is More Than a Title – Boss or Buddy?
Cy Holmes InterviewCDF History, Mayo 2015
Don’t Let the Future Just Happen, Plan for it
Getting Started and Moving Up with Fire Chief Michael Dyer*
Yendo por el Oro
One Push Rule
One Size Does Not Fit All with Chief Robert Marcucci
Pass it Around with Battalion with Chief Chris Childers
Preservation of the Perishable with Chief Tom Forster
Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Reclutamiento & Rentention
Renew Your Expiration Date
Roberta MacIntyre Interview – Servicio de Bomberos Voluntarios, Junio 2015
Ronny’s 10 Points of Light
So, You Want to be a Fire Chief
Sprinklers Save Lives
Steve Hart InterviewCalifornia State Fire Marshal History, Mayo 2015
Strive to be a Purple Cow
Taking Command
Thanks for the Memory with Chief Bill Lellis
La Insignia
La doctrina de la SCBA
The Fire Marshal
The Volunteer Fire Service
Tyranny of the Immediate
What Kind of Leader Do You See in the Mirror?
When in Doubt – Don’t
¿Dónde han ido todos los líderes?
Quién se ha llevado a la meta?

Note: Programs without links are in post production. They will be posted as they are completed.

Ron Coleman

Ron Coleman

Jefe Ronny J. Coleman es el de Bomberos del Estado se retiró para el Estado de California. Ha recibido una Maestría en Artes en Educación Vocacional de Cal State Long Beach, una Licenciatura en Ciencias en Ciencias Políticas de la Universidad Estatal de California en Fullerton y un Asociado en Artes en Ciencias del Fuego de Rancho Santiago College. Jefe Coleman sirvió con orgullo en el Cuerpo de Marines de Estados Unidos.