Ron Coleman

Evolution of California Fire Service Training & Educación

Evolution-of-Ca-Fire-Service-Training-Education-220x300This study was concerned with the evolution of the California fire service education and training system. Using the documentary research method, the study was based on an analysis of information obtained from official records; minutes of meetings; newspapers, newsletters, and official publications; correspondence; and eyewitness accounts.

The concept of an American fire-training program began in the early 1920′s as an effort of Chief Engineer Ralph Scott of the Los Angeles City Fire Department. His work was based on training programs from American metropolitan and suburban departments, which were in turn influenced to some degree by the European fire services.

Today, the California fire service education and training system is a complicated array of various delivery components that continue to evolve along both academic and vocational lines. This evolution into various components has created a difficult and often confused career development pathway for fire service personnel.

Ronny J. Coleman, La evolución de California Formación Servicio de Bomberos y Educación, (Mayo 1994), Una Tesis presentada al Departamento de Estudios Ocupacionales, Universidad Estatal de California, Playa Larga

Ron Coleman

Ron Coleman

Jefe Ronny J. Coleman es el de Bomberos del Estado se retiró para el Estado de California. Ha recibido una Maestría en Artes en Educación Vocacional de Cal State Long Beach, una Licenciatura en Ciencias en Ciencias Políticas de la Universidad Estatal de California en Fullerton y un Asociado en Artes en Ciencias del Fuego de Rancho Santiago College. Jefe Coleman sirvió con orgullo en el Cuerpo de Marines de Estados Unidos.