Ron Coleman

Chief’s Clipboard – 20 Yrs of Ronny J. Coleman

Chiefs-Clipboard-20-Yrs-of-RJC-230x300A definitive collection of Chief Ronny J. Coleman’s writings.

A beloved, well-respected figure in the fire community, Chief Coleman has spent the last 20 years imparting his wisdom in the pages of Fire Chief magazine. Chief’s Clipboard collects 100 of the most influential columns from Chief Coleman’s writings. These columns address a broad range of issues – from leadership, to health and safety, to succession planning – tat all fire chiefs face in the course of their daily work. Many of the columns reflect actual events and critical turning pints in the careers of firefighters moving up through the ranks.

Chief’s Clipboard offers sound advice on how fire chiefs should develop their leadership, engage their staff, survive political situations within their organizations and communities, take care of themselves, and bring honor to the profession. Chief Coleman’s real-world approach and his ability to summon the future of the fire service and place it in a context that all can understand make this an invaluable addition to any fire chief’s reading list.

Ronny J. Coleman, Chief’s Clipboard – 20 Años de Ronny J. Coleman, (2006), Jones and Bartlett Publishers, ISBN: 13:978-0-7637-3616-3

Ron Coleman

Ron Coleman

Jefe Ronny J. Coleman es el de Bomberos del Estado se retiró para el Estado de California. Ha recibido una Maestría en Artes en Educación Vocacional de Cal State Long Beach, una Licenciatura en Ciencias en Ciencias Políticas de la Universidad Estatal de California en Fullerton y un Asociado en Artes en Ciencias del Fuego de Rancho Santiago College. Jefe Coleman sirvió con orgullo en el Cuerpo de Marines de Estados Unidos.