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Fromangry, bitter womanto safety advocate: burn survivor receives national honor

Por Pam Elliott doesn’t remember the flames or smoke. She can’t recall feeling any immediate pain from the third-degree burns that resulted from a fire at her home in 1959. What she does remember is a stranger entering her

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Toronto public educator is named NFPA 2018 Fuego y Vida Seguridad Educador del Año

por nfpun@jiveon.doom Denise Hynes, public educator for Toronto Fire Services, has been named the 2018 Fuego y Vida Seguridad Educador del Año. Hynes will be recognized at NFPA’s 122nd Conference & Expo, the premier event in fire and life

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Oncebutting headswith fire sprinkler supporters, former homebuilder now embraces this technology

Por nFpa@jiveonorte.clam It’s not too surprising that Peter Simpson likely irked the fire service. As the former head of two Canadian homebuilding associations, he admits to constantly battling safety advocates who pushed for home fire sprinklers. At city council meetings,…

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Kidde recuerda las alarmas de humo de doble sensor debido a riesgo de no alertar a los consumidores a un incendio

por nfpun@jyovelan.doom Kidde is recalling its dual-sensor (photoelectric and ionization) smoke alarms – models PI2010 and PI9010. “KIDDE” is printed on the front center of the smoke alarm. The model number and date code are printed on the back of

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Artículo refuta mitos sobre aspersores contra incendios casa que se cree comúnmente por la industria de bienes raíces

Por Members of the real estate industry might have not-so-positive views on home fire sprinklers based on what they may have heard or seen. With its long list of inaccurate portrayal of sprinkler activations, Hollywood certainly doesn’t help our

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Use this new video footage to showcase ferocity of today’s home fires and fire sprinkler impact

Por The public might have trouble believing how quickly today’s home fires can become deadly until they see one firsthand. Here’s some pretty convincing evidence that you can share with them. The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition has released Source::…

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Utilice estos recursos gratuitos para planificar un evento exitoso para el hogar Fuego Día de riego

Por nfpaga@deveon.clam Home Fire Sprinkler Day is rapidly approaching. To make sure your May 19 event is a success, NFPA and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition have produced a series of new resources. They include: Sprinkler Day tactics and talking

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New Zealand developer willingly places fire sprinklers in new homes

por nfpun@jyoveonorte.clam It’s always nice to read about home developerseither in North America or elsewherewho grasp the necessity of fire sprinklers. A New Zealand developer, for instance, recently went on the record with his decision to place this technology into

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