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Fire Service Training Institute Sponsorships

(Tax Deductible Contributions)

The Fire Services Training Institute-FSTI is a California non-profit, corporation. FSTI enjoys both state and federal tax exemption status. FSTI is part of the California State Firefighters’ Association family. CSFA is California’s oldest and largest statewide fire service trade association. For over 85 years, CSFA has worked tirelessly to improve public safety and emergency services. FSTI is part of those efforts. CSFA and FSTI sponsors hundreds of hours of practical training for first responders.

Through the FSTI Corporate Sponsorship Program, your company can enjoy high visibility and a prestige relationship with a profession that is highly regarded throughout California. Your corporate sponsorship helps support FSTI’s mission, while providing a valuable image affiliation with California’s 50,000 emergency first responders.

Marketing Affiliation

  • Use of FSTI Logo on product advertising – “Official FSTI Sponsor”
  • Large FSTI Sponsor Decal to display proudly at your place of business.
  • Small FSTI Sponsor Decals for your vehicles, personnel

FSTI Recognition

  • In the CSFA magazine…
    Sponsor and/or Sponsored Benefit initial announcement article
    Monthly sponsor recognition listing
  • On the FSTI website…
    Home page sponsor announcement
    Yearly website advertising banner
    Special sponsor detail page with company information and press releases.
  • Special recognition…
    Corporate Recognition Plaque
    Training Event Sponsor Recognition (all events)
  • Leader Ship Access & Members…
    Confer with FSTI Board of Directors – networking, troubleshooting, at an annual training round-table event

Single Training Event Sponsor

  • E & E
  • Annual Conference H.O.T.
  • Conference Equipment Sponsor
  • HELOPS Sponsor
  • Publication Information Officer Training
  • Incident Command Training
  • Mobile Program Apparatus sponsor
  • Mobile Program Sponsor
  • Wildland Fire Sponsor
  • Basic Fire Programs Training Sponsor
  • Radio Interoperability Training Sponsor
  • CSFA Annual In Service Training Conference Sponsor
  • Research & Development Symposium

Training Scholarship Program